11 Jul 2013

Upcoming Reviews!

I actually have things to review, or will have things.
Yay :3

First will be my new parasol. England, for some reason, has come over with a huge heat wave and one of the reasons I like living here is that it doesn't get too hot. Rarely over 20 Celsius. But this week has been from 25 to 27 Celsius, fun!
So I've been using an umbrella which not only looks odd but is basically like sitting under an oven.

I bought this parasol from eBay and it's designed by Lisbeth Dahl. I bought this one and not an AP or BTSSB one because it's so much cheaper and goes with so many more items of clothing. That and it's easy to find.

I ordered the Cream because I feel like it looks softer than the white, this will go well with AP's Ivory and just in general I think it'll flatter more outfits.
This does also come in Black and White. Review will be up in the next week.

I'll also be reviewing Dream Pure BB Cream in Light by Maybelline.
I would have ordered a Korean or Japanese brand, but it's just cheaper for me to buy this and it's really easily accessible, I bought this from the supermarket and Maybelline is pretty widely available and not too bad on price.
However I plan on mixing this with a white foundation since it's still a little bit too dark for me ><
This review should be out in the next week or so.
A new lens review will be coming soon as I'm absolutely determined to find the perfect red lenses for light eyes. Blue lenses are nice and I like them but, they're plano and I need prescription and I've always adored the look of red eyes.
I'm not sure when this will be out but I'm planning at least the next month.

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