23 Feb 2013


Today I'm going to be writing up my first lens review for a long time. The last one was lost with my old blog!
Well, I wanted to go for a more natural pattern/print but something that will noticeably change my eye colour and make my iris much bigger. The colour also fits in well with a lot of my cosplans too!

I bought these lenses from Uniqso, they're definitely a place I will be shopping again!

GEO Xtra WTA52 Blue

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 15.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

These lenses aren't good for dry eyes like mine, for this I give them a 3 our of 5. You should ways carry eye drops regardless as I do and with eye drops these are able to be worn for a full 8 hours which is perfect for conventions and days out!
They are very easy to put in and take out but I wouldn't recommend these for a first time lens wearer due to the size of them. I can see if you are flinchy then they will fall out and cause problems for you. 

The enlargement on these lenses is great! I wasn't sure going from 14.8mm to 15mm would make much difference but it really, really does. For me these have the near-perfect enlargement and they're great for a subtle difference but it always makes people look twice.
With and without lens.
Both in.
I've always wanted vibrant Blue eyes and these lenses give me that ability! My eyes are naturally a dull Aqua/Grey which is a common colour among Caucasian people so finding a lens that changes my eye colour while still looking natural is fantastic.
The pattern is very subtle and blends really well into light eyes, so for my readers with light eyes this is a pair of lenses I recommend to you!
Customer Service & Shipping
The service I received from Uniqso was great! Exactly how a company SHOULD be run.
I was given a confirmation of my order being received, payment being received and when my package was shipped which was the next day!
I was told my package should arrive within 3 weeks and 2 weeks later it was here. So if you are planning on ordering in time for a specific date then either contact them or order about a month in advance.

I'm happy with my lenses, I'm happy with the way they arrived and I'll definitely be ordering from Uniqso again!


  1. The color is very pretty and it suits you well ^-^


  2. they suit you so much!! love these lenses :3 i have dry eyes too though! its a pain as i have to get prescription ones also :(