27 Jun 2013

Dying My Hair Blue #1: Product & 1st Application

I'm finally dying my hair blue! I remembered the whole reason for getting it as light as possible was to go blue so here it is.

I bought another Smart Beauty product because they're significantly cheaper and all of their products are sold in my local store.
I bought the Electric Blue for £2.99

Then I diluted it a fair amount with some cheap conditioner from my local superstore, which cost 80p

And this is the result!
I wasn't expecting it to come out so light but now I know how much to dilute it so I'll leave it about 2 days and try again.
The dye I've made now is much darker so hopefully I'll get more of a Sky Blue. This baby blue colour is quite nice though but I don't expect it to last more than 2 washes ;-;

24 Jun 2013

I Want A Ferret Q~Q!

For the past few months I've missed having a ferret so much I've attempted to feed my want with watching videos and remembering how much they stank up my clothes.

But a few weeks ago my friend brought him ferret round and he just had literally next to no odour...this got me thinking how. wut. why.

I decided to actually Google how to reduce ferret odours.
Essentially everything I did when I had a ferret was wrong.

I chose the most stink absorbent bedding, bathed my ferrets more than once a month and I didn't get them neutered (granted they were a bit too young but by the time I came to rehoming them they were ready to be neutered).
I also read up about how many products there are on the market which are basically masking sprays. They don't irritate the ferrets skin but they reduce the odour a lot without affecting the natural oils.
This makes me happy! Now that I know a few extra things I've been trying to convince boyfriend that getting one is a good idea.
I would need to cut down on my rabbits, but this is something I've been meaning to do for a while or at least invest in some new hutches so I don't have to have so many communal groups.
I would want a ferret in my room, I just don't think they get enough attention when they're outside. Plus it would always remind me the air freshener is running out :3

Just put me in here. Please.

14 Jun 2013

My Top 5 AP Prints

I've wanted to do a post like this for a while so here it is ^-^
I only actually own one AP print at the moment but these are my all time favourites that I'll hopefully own one day...maybe...

#1 Marshmallow Bunny
I think anyone who knows me or reads this blog regularly will know one of the reasons I like this print is because bunnies.
The other is I own it, which is always nice.
On a serious note I really love this print because I just love that's it's pretty simple and the art style (as with most AP prints). To me, it's well worth the money and I have quite a sentimental attachment to it ^-^

  #2 Chess Chocolate
This whole print is just gorgeous no matter whether it's on a skirt or OP. I need you in my life.

#3 Holy Night Story
The only thing I dislike in this print is the pink colourway. Eh.
Though I would sell my kidney for the Green and Red colourways.

#4 Dream Sky
That Navy colourway. 

#5 Dreamy Horoscope
Oh and they have matching umbrellas.

13 Jun 2013

Rabbitry Update: Annabelle's Babies Are Ready To Reserve

Annabelle's babies are all ready to reserve! I decided to drop the price of each kit to £35 and they will all be that price from here on out.
Since I haven't updated recently on this particular litter here's some information.

Birthday: 19th May 2013
Colours: 3 Agouti Vienna Marked Broken, 1 Black Extreme Vienna Makred (Staying) and 1 Black Vienna Marked Broken
Sexes: Unconfirmed
Ready To Leave: 19th July 2013

I'm also keeping back a little Orange extreme vienna marked (looking to be a doe) because he/she carries Chocolate and Blue Eyed White which is what I'm looking for :3 He/she had to be fostered into the above litter since Mia lost one of the two babies she had and she left a lot to be desired in raising the last one.
Hopefully she will have a bigger litter next time and raise them better, even though she was sold to me as proven I'm beginning to think she hasn't actually had a litter before :/

12 Jun 2013

Everything You Know About Goldfish Is Wrong!

I found this really interesting post on Tumblr! Anyone who has owned a goldfish will have probably heard these myths and treated their fishies in a less than desirable manner because of them.

All information and pictures are courtesy of patches a.k.a goldfishgal