23 Feb 2013


Today I'm going to be writing up my first lens review for a long time. The last one was lost with my old blog!
Well, I wanted to go for a more natural pattern/print but something that will noticeably change my eye colour and make my iris much bigger. The colour also fits in well with a lot of my cosplans too!

I bought these lenses from Uniqso, they're definitely a place I will be shopping again!

GEO Xtra WTA52 Blue

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 15.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

These lenses aren't good for dry eyes like mine, for this I give them a 3 our of 5. You should ways carry eye drops regardless as I do and with eye drops these are able to be worn for a full 8 hours which is perfect for conventions and days out!
They are very easy to put in and take out but I wouldn't recommend these for a first time lens wearer due to the size of them. I can see if you are flinchy then they will fall out and cause problems for you. 

The enlargement on these lenses is great! I wasn't sure going from 14.8mm to 15mm would make much difference but it really, really does. For me these have the near-perfect enlargement and they're great for a subtle difference but it always makes people look twice.
With and without lens.
Both in.
I've always wanted vibrant Blue eyes and these lenses give me that ability! My eyes are naturally a dull Aqua/Grey which is a common colour among Caucasian people so finding a lens that changes my eye colour while still looking natural is fantastic.
The pattern is very subtle and blends really well into light eyes, so for my readers with light eyes this is a pair of lenses I recommend to you!
Customer Service & Shipping
The service I received from Uniqso was great! Exactly how a company SHOULD be run.
I was given a confirmation of my order being received, payment being received and when my package was shipped which was the next day!
I was told my package should arrive within 3 weeks and 2 weeks later it was here. So if you are planning on ordering in time for a specific date then either contact them or order about a month in advance.

I'm happy with my lenses, I'm happy with the way they arrived and I'll definitely be ordering from Uniqso again!

21 Feb 2013

Telford MCM Expo 2013

Well I got to go in the end and I'm not completely broke!

It was a lot better than I expected it to be, last year at Birmingham it was small and there weren't a lot of people. There was also "Lolita" pieces there that burned my eyes -.- This year though I think it's going to be like Telford so instantly better!

When we arrived the guards told us to go in a particular queue so we did, we ended up standing there like idiots for 10 mins before we were told we were in the wrong place and that we needed to go to the 2 hour long line.
Welp. I blew a fuse and told the security people what kind of incompetent morons send their guests to the wrong line. I paid for early entry and so help me god I was going to get it...and well, we did.
But really, that was the only off put for me, the rest was great!
There was a creepy girl wearing almost no clothes following boyfriend around ;-; I didn't know whether to punch a bitch and risk being kicked out or just let boyfriend work his bitchy face. Turned out the face had more of an impact I think.

I didn't get many pictures and I missed my photo opportunity with the most accurate Sasuke cosplayer ever ;-;

13 Feb 2013

Featured Animal #1: Ictonyx Striatus/Striped Polecat

Welcome to a new weekly post chapter! Every Wednesday I'll be featuring a species/sub-species of exotic animal that can be kept as pets.
Most of these animals will be animals I breed or will be breeding in the next few years!
I will explain everything from appearance to habitat to pricing. 
So here is featured animal number 1, the Ictonyx Striatus otherwise known as the Striped Polecat.
I've seen a lot of people wanting Striped Polecats (otherwise known as Zorilla or Saharan Striped Polecat) and while uneducated new reporters say these are "the smelliest animal on the planet" they actually smell less than ferrets.
Their anal glands are used to spray their predators extremely similar to Skunks, though the two aren't related. This seems like a very common trait in most Mustelidae with even common ferrets giving off a rancid odour, though I find ferrets do it for the sheer joy of seeing a human writhe in misery rather than a defence thing.
Stats & Pricing 
Striped Polecats can grow anywhere between 50cm to 70cm (including tail) and up to 15cm to the shoulder. These animals are significantly larger than your average ferret and will actually resemble the size of a small dog weighing anywhere from 1.5kg to 7kg.
Males are generally larger than females. 
In captivity they have been known to live around 13 years. So this is a very long commitment like any other animal. 
Suspected reasoning for it's long lifespan in captivity is of course due to the amount of care put into them. They never miss a meal in captivity, they always have shelter and are free from predators.
This will vary depending on how you WANT to keep them.
Captive bred and raised animals stand a much higher chance of being kept as pets for the most part, however I'd always recommend an enclosure (outdoor or indoor) rather than a cage as enclosures that resemble their natural habitat enables them to act and do what comes naturally.
The better the diet, the healthier the animal!
In the wild their diets consist of rodents, poultry, reptiles, scorpions, eggs and insects but there are a few ways to replicate this diet.
My diet plans for these animals include fresh kill and frozen thawed rodents, raw chicken/turkey and raw/boiled eggs. You can feed insects as treats or as their diet but insects provide little to no nutrition.
You should NEVER feed cooked meats on the bone as they splinter and can easily kill your polecat.

Precautions should be taken to prevent your polecat thinking you're a predator.
In the UK descenting any animal is illegal except if it's for a medical reason so we Brits have to actually work with these animals to prevent getting our butts kicked.
Spraying - this is joint first with biting of things to avoid. Their spray has a smell that can't even be described by those who've experienced it and it's actually known to cause temporary blindness. These animals have developed such a strong defence tactic as their predators include Lions, Hyenas and other big animals that are all fighting for food.
Biting - Striped Polecats have 34 teeth for pure meat grinding and bone crunching. This is definitely something to avoid and if you intend to handle your polecat regularly, captive bred is your only option.
Wild caught animals will bite and spray and generally make your life miserable if you're looking at one of these critters for a pet.

Any animal from Pretty Pets World is captive bred. All babies are captive bred and raised by us.
Single Males: £650
Single Females: £750
Babies (8 weeks+): £500(males)/£600(females)
Sub Adults: £600(males)/£700(females)
Pairs can be arranged by negotiation.
PLEASE NOTE: These animals will not be sold as pets to families with children.
They are NOT family pets, they are wild animals and only people experienced in exotic mammals need apply.

2 Feb 2013

Rabbitry Update: February 2013

I can't keep up with this blog. Not because I have no time, just because I pretty much have nothing to talk about.
I hope it changes soon or else I'm going to go insane, I make so many plans then when it comes to executing them, I think "Crap. I have no money to do this." and that's problem. I'M BROKE ALL THE FRICKEN TIME.

Well anyway, here's an update on Lotus' and Chilli's litter.
Chilli and her babies are doing fine, they're only a few weeks away from going to their new homes...well, one of them is going to their homes since the others haven't been reserved. I can see already I'm going to have a hard time selling the little REW doe but, whatever, anyone who doesn't want her is missing out majorly since she may be going through the paper bag stage now, but once she's an adult she'll look incredible.
Here is what they all look like now.
Blue Eyed White Buck: He's not got a great type at the moment obviously due to going through his uglies. But he's faultless in temperament. I'd be more happy to see him go to a pet home really.

Another Blue Eyed White Buck: This one I would be happy to see go to a breeding home. He's looking fantastic and if I didn't already have Beau then this would be the one I run on for future breeding.

Blue Eyed White doe: I have no idea why she isn't reserved yet, she looks amazing.

Red Agouti Extreme Vienna Split doe: Reserved by a good friend of mine :)

The Red Eyed White doe. She wouldn't pose at all and decided to make her ears fly away in this photo. She knew when I was about to shoot the picture I swear.
Then Lotus' litter. We started with 5 and ended up with 3, I'm gutted that we lost 2 and in such late days.
The first to go was the Blue Vienna Marked at 29 days then the Beige Vienna Marked at 31 days. The only thing I can put it down to is organ failure which is common in young rabbits and can affect them up to 8 weeks.
But it's all part of being a breeder, you have to expect to lose them in infancy then when they don't pass it's a major triumph.

Beige buck, reserved by Didi, a good friend who's also a repeat customer :)

Blue Otter, I've no idea what sex because he/she is hiding it pretty well!

Blue Point doe. Fffff, look how stunning she is! At first I thought "Holy crap I've stumbled upon the the first Dark Eyed White." nope, Frosty Point haha. I'm so happy with her and she'll definitely be staying I think.
I still need a name for her though.