18 Jan 2013

London Pet Show

So its 5 months away to the London Pet Show!
Those of you who have checked out my events calendar will know I will be attending this event and I will be taking my camera to actually film stuff instead of just taking pictures ^-^
I wanted to post up a bit of information and pretty much everything you need to know if you're planning to attend.

What animal is your passion?
This show covers almost everything and will have something for everyone!
This year, as with last year, some of the major registries will be attending including the Kennel Club, The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, The International Cat Association and many more. Unfortunately the site does not have a full list of exactly who is attending so I can't give you a full list.
The main attractions will be bunny show jumping, meeting the various animals, doggy dancing, talks and demo's plus duck herding, which I'm genuinely intrigued to see. In general there's going to be a lot of things and most of them are really varied.

So what can you expect to see? Well here's a list of all the animals the London Pet Show covers:
Dogs (50+ breeds)
Cats (25+ breeds)
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Rats, Gerbils and Hamsters.
Fish, Reptiles, Micro Pigs, Ponies, Birds, Ducks and Chickens.
I'm really excited for all of these, the only thing that made me slightly sad was that were no ferrets. But I'm more than happy with what they have! Also, there are no registries or associations for ferrets so there isn't much backing.

All The Details
Ticket Price: Adults £14 - Kids £9.50 - Senior £11 - Family (2 adults + 2 kids) £44
Under 5's Go Free!
All tickets include a show guide and a goody bag.
Dates: 11th to 12th May 2013 CONFIRMED
Where Is it? Earls Court 2, London.

See you there!

14 Jan 2013

Rabbitry Update: New Recruits To The Rabbitry

I'm beating myself up about not keeping this blog up to date.
First up bunny updates.
I bought 4 new adults and one came with babies. I also found out that the UK is out to confuse people yet again by calling a Lilac Tort a Sussex Cream. Thanks UK.

Autumn, Sussex Cream/Lilac Tort Mantle doe. She was born in march last year so she's still pretty young, she's already had a litter which I'll include as she came with them.
Asteria, Marten Smoke Mantle doe. Born on the 13th November 2012 and she's a keep back.
I originally reserved her before the breeder was selling Autumn, so I bought all of them.
Asteria's brothers, a Blue Mantle and a Blue Broken Mismarked. Both of them are for sale.
Honey, a Chocolate Tort doe bred from a Chocolate Tort to Lilac. She'll be going to a friend of mine since I only need one Choc Tort for my lines.

Mia, another Chocolate Tort doe bred from a Chocolate Point to a Chocolate Tort. She's part of my new Chocolate project.
Mittens, a Chocolate Mantle doe. She's really shy so I'm working on taming her at the moment which she's getting used to. She doesn't mind being touched and is getting there with being picked up too.
She's also going to be part of my Chocolate project.
I also have a bunch of new babies which is quite nice. Lotus my freebie doe who had trouble raising litters before gave birth to and has successfully raised a litter of 5 kits. They're now 2 and a half weeks old, eyes open, fully furred and all out of the nest. In that litter I have all Blue Eyed White carriers:
Blue VM
Blue Otter
Blue Tort VM
Blue Tort
Blue Eyed White
At least now I know roughly what Lotus carries! Never expected her to be a Blue Eyed White carrier though.
Chilli's litter is growing on fast. The little Red Eyed White that had some issues with it's eyes not opening had them opened and eye dropped everyday so she's fine now.