8 Aug 2013

Top 5 "Living Doll" Hairstyles

The whole "living doll" and doll style/culture trend is reasonably big now among certain fashion communities.
During the preparation to a recent hair cut, I tried searching for dolly hairstyles (specifically for short hair) but found literally nothing.
So, I decided to compile my own list of moderately dolly styles. In no particular order of course as they're all as good as each other.

I got most of the inspiration for this list from current idols of the fashion, anime and just the current cute/stylish trends!

Things you should know if you're aiming for a specific "dolly" look with your next haircut:
  1. Full yet soft bangs/fringe are ALWAYS a good choice. While there is a style to suit everyone, this one is by far the most popular.
  2. Bobs and short cuts are better for those with short hair looking to grow it out. Pixie cuts and short "boyish" styles don't fall into the living doll category unless it's extremely well done.
  3. Anime is a good reference for hair, teamed with Ball-Jointed Doll looks this will give you a good idea of what to have done.
  4. No bangs is good for those with an extreme side parting of a middle parting. However bare in mind that no bangs compliments a small forehead. 

1. Pin-Straight & Semi-Blunt Bangs
I can't think of anyone else who pulls this cut off as good as Kotakoti.
Whenever I personally think of a doll hair, this texture and cut definitely comes to mind first.

2. Classic Bob
Probably the best and safest option for someone with short hair is a classic bob style.
There are next to no popular "dolls" with this kind of cut, but that doesn't mean it can't be dolly!

3. Water Waves
This style is extremely popular among wig wearers, made popular by Gothic Lolita Wigs' line of "Rhapsody" wigs which feature a very boho-esque style of tight waves in a variety of subtle gradients and pastel gradients.
However the style is becoming moderately popular among non-wig wearers too.

4. Barbie Style
This style is simply as it states, Barbie style!
It typically features a middle parting and no fringe/bangs, and is normally waist length or longer.
It's a moderately easy style to achieve for those who've never really cut their hair.

5. Cute Curls
Made moderately popular by Anzhelika Kenova. Long and curly is more of a default style than a unique style.
It's actually a style that can be worn by any length of hair so this is a good one for short and long haired girls alike!