28 Dec 2012

Another Wishlist Post ft. Qutieland

I seem to post far too many of these, but I know if I don't keep track of the things I like, I'll forget about them ><
These are items I'm hoping to buy in 2013.
Firstly, a little bit about Qutieland for those of you who don't know.
Qutieland is a shopping service for a select few taobao Lolita brands.
They currently stock OP's, JSK's, Skirts, Shoes and other accessories from Dear Celine, Rose Melody, Miranda Shoes, Infanta, R-Series, KidsYoYo, HMHM, Dream of Lolita, 69th Department, White Moon, Surface Spell, Classical Puppets, Last Country, Loris, Rococo Soul, KoKoro Shoes, Provence, Chess Story, Elpress L and Ichigo15. They will also be stocking Magic Tea Party soon which I'm excited about!
They're definitely the easiest service to use but you pay the price for this convenience, in my opinion it's pretty worth it the get a fully functioning shopping service in English.

There are a whole bunch of blouses and accessories I want too but I might change my mind on them so they weren't added.
I also think it's probably better to buy the pieces first then see what blouses I can match up with them ^-^

25 Dec 2012

Rabbitry Update: December 2012 + New Babies!

It's been about 2 and a half weeks since Chilli had her babies and they now have their eyes open, so I decided to take some pictures!
So far there is:
1 x Red Eyed White (my favourite ^^")
3 x Blue Eyed White
1 x Agouti Extreme Split

All photos are owned by myself, Prestige Rabbitry and Pretty Pets World.
left to right
BEW, Agouti Split, REW, BEW, BEW.
left to right
BEW, Agouti Split, REW, BEW, BEW.
Agouti Extreme Split
Agouti Extreme Split
The 3 BEW's :3

REW :)

From myself, Prestige Rabbitry and Pretty Pets World.
Have a happy, fluffy Christmas and a snuggly New Year!

19 Dec 2012

Dreamy Store: Back From The Hiatus!

My store is finally coming back!
I had a few issues with my supplier and another UK company that, on top of everything else going on at the time, put me into a pit of depression and forced me to give up running Dreamy as my full time occupation.
I'm back, Dreamy is back (sort of, I'll explain!) and nothing is going to stop me ^-^
Dreamy has been "running" per say for the past few months. I've sold off 98% of my old stock and have recouped the costs that got me into a lot of debt.
So I'm starting the company up again from scratch. Which will mean (hopefully) a new layout, new artwork, new packaging and generally more new stuff!

There will only be one new range out at first, then after sales of that another range will come out and so on. I am also looking into the possibility of stocking human hair wigs, human hair extensions and "point wigs" which is something popular among Japanese wig brands.
Point wigs are accessories that are designed to be used in co-ordination with your wig or your real hair, things like clip-in buns and ponytails, tie-in ponytails, half wigs, boostie-bump clip-on's for a faux teased effect, clip-in bangs and "Wig Ropes".

This is a typical "wig rope". I don't know how these are constructed yet since I don't own one personally, but I will be purchasing one from Aqua Doll.
All pictures belong to Aqua Doll.
Upcoming Designs!
Okay so here's the exciting part! New designs :3
There is only one definite design coming out and that's the crimped, fluffy gradient style wig which I'm still thinking up a name for ^-^"
It will be coming in pastel colours and natural colours though only 2 colours will be released on opening. If I can afford more then of course there will be more or I will bring out another range early!
Here are the
Un-Natural ListLilac - Baby Pink - Periwinkle - Mint
All fades will be faded to white however colour x colour blends will be added at a later date.
Natural List
By default we will have Blonde, Auburn and Dark Brown in our lines due to popularity.
Jet Black - Chocolate - Brown
Milk Tea - Golden Blonde - Bleach Blonde
Auburn - Wine - Blood Red
I can't stress enough that it will be a good few months until ALL of these colours are out in every line. The main colours will be natural colours to appeal to wider audience however I will be working my butt off to bring you more colours as quickly as possible!

I'm looking into a lot of different designs but you can expect to see basic styles at first. Things that you would wear everyday, long and straight, long and wavy, bob cuts, medium length cuts etc;
Also something that seemed to be an issue for a lot of people was that most if not all of my old styles came with straight bangs! Well in all of the new styles they will all have LONG BANGS! So you can customise them to however you want :3
Pictures will be up soon of the sample I will be receiving from the factory in a few weeks. Then from there I will be working hard getting orders in, working on Dreamy's logo, looking at packaging companies etc;
All to give you lovelies some good quality wiggies! 

16 Dec 2012

Starry Night Hair Band by Chess Story

This popped up on my tumblr dash and I just had to share it!
Look at this stunning piece! I'm one for everything night time and sky related so this really caught my eye.
It's a lovely head piece from the taobao store Chess Story, so you will need an SS to purchase it and it comes in two colour ways.

and Navy

I personally prefer the Navy but wouldn't this go great with a Dream Sky co-ord?

The pricing is very decent too, at 56yuan which is roughly £5.55, it's a very cheap and affordable accessory and the perfect way to finish off any night sky themed outfit!

You can purchase this item here.

20 Nov 2012

REVIEW: Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion

This is my first game review so bare with me ^-^"
I decided to review the most recent expansion of The Sims 3 that I acquired, Supernatural!
I wanted this purely because I knew it had Fairies and Vampires, my two favourite mythical races :3!
- Allows you to create sims in new races including: Werewolves, Ghosts, Witches, Fairies, Vampires and Genies.
- Like with the other expansion packs, you get a whole new town.
- New career options including Alchemy and Fortune Telling.
- New cosmetic options. 

- Zombies serve no real purpose and are mostly an annoyance rather than a fun addition.
- Lunar cycle messes up on a regular basis.
- Confessing to being a Vampire appears to impair you on the social side with humans.
- Hunting is almost impossible...for me at least. 
Game Play
If you're really into the extra races then the game play is pretty good. As far as expansion packs go it's quite a nice change from the usual human needs. Though the only race that really differs is the Vampire in a sense that you can't go out in daylight and if you choose the immortality "add-on" thing then you end up sparkling in the sunlight, dammit EA.
You do get some different perks to the game of course, like riding a broom in place of a car if you're a witch, you now have two more career options like Alchemy and Fortune Telling and like with the other expansions you get a good amount of new hair styles, clothes, 12 new skin tones etc;

  The sparkliest race, fairies also have a magical meter for different uses though the only use I've found far is for playing pranks of other people.
They have a variety of different wing styles which of course is customisable, and actually I really like that because I'm a sucker for all things sparkly and pretty.
I made these guys just as a quick preview. I like everything to be matchy-matchy in case you didn't notice.

Oh yeah you also get some neat little pixie clothes too.

Clue is in the title, you get to play as a ghost. I think this race has the most "background" options in the fact you can choose the colour of your ghost by how it died.
So we have (from left top to bottom right)
Old Age - Drowned - Starvation
Electrocution - Burned - Mummy's Curse
Meteor - Watery Grave - Human Statue
Transmuted - Haunting Curse - Jelly Bean Death 
I didn't include "Watery Grave" because it's the same as "Drowned".
There is little to no advantage of being a Ghost, except your sims voice sounds creepy and you float rather than walk, which is pretty awesome.

Witches are probably the race you want to choose if you're somewhat of a Harry Potter fan. You can do the usual flying on broomsticks (either in a broomstick arena or in place of a car) and they're generally better at things like Alchemy and spell casting.

If you want to add an oversized dog to your house, then choosing a werewolf is probably a good idea. They scratch things up just the same however they aren't completely useless in the fact that they are able to go hunting solo and with time they get really good at this and frequently find some interesting and rare items.

Vampires are a personal favourite, and weren't a disappointment to me. Since The Sims 3 is basically the ultimate life simulator, it seems to have got the lifestyle of a vampire down pretty well!
You can't go out in the sunlight and your prime source of sustenance is from feeding from humans or drinking  plasma juice from the fridge.
You do die easier while being a vampire though, or that's probably just me since they seem to have the incapability to actually feed themselves.
There is new music since there is a new town and like with the other expansions it's quite fitting.
The sound effects for the new creatures like the Zombies are pretty cool too.

Overall it's a neat expansion with some cool perks. It would only appeal to those in the supernatural fandom of course since players who have no interest in things like the lunar cycles and Zombies probably should avoid this particular expansion. Even though you can turn them off it kind of makes the whole point of buying Supernatural pointless.