19 Dec 2012

Dreamy Store: Back From The Hiatus!

My store is finally coming back!
I had a few issues with my supplier and another UK company that, on top of everything else going on at the time, put me into a pit of depression and forced me to give up running Dreamy as my full time occupation.
I'm back, Dreamy is back (sort of, I'll explain!) and nothing is going to stop me ^-^
Dreamy has been "running" per say for the past few months. I've sold off 98% of my old stock and have recouped the costs that got me into a lot of debt.
So I'm starting the company up again from scratch. Which will mean (hopefully) a new layout, new artwork, new packaging and generally more new stuff!

There will only be one new range out at first, then after sales of that another range will come out and so on. I am also looking into the possibility of stocking human hair wigs, human hair extensions and "point wigs" which is something popular among Japanese wig brands.
Point wigs are accessories that are designed to be used in co-ordination with your wig or your real hair, things like clip-in buns and ponytails, tie-in ponytails, half wigs, boostie-bump clip-on's for a faux teased effect, clip-in bangs and "Wig Ropes".

This is a typical "wig rope". I don't know how these are constructed yet since I don't own one personally, but I will be purchasing one from Aqua Doll.
All pictures belong to Aqua Doll.
Upcoming Designs!
Okay so here's the exciting part! New designs :3
There is only one definite design coming out and that's the crimped, fluffy gradient style wig which I'm still thinking up a name for ^-^"
It will be coming in pastel colours and natural colours though only 2 colours will be released on opening. If I can afford more then of course there will be more or I will bring out another range early!
Here are the
Un-Natural ListLilac - Baby Pink - Periwinkle - Mint
All fades will be faded to white however colour x colour blends will be added at a later date.
Natural List
By default we will have Blonde, Auburn and Dark Brown in our lines due to popularity.
Jet Black - Chocolate - Brown
Milk Tea - Golden Blonde - Bleach Blonde
Auburn - Wine - Blood Red
I can't stress enough that it will be a good few months until ALL of these colours are out in every line. The main colours will be natural colours to appeal to wider audience however I will be working my butt off to bring you more colours as quickly as possible!

I'm looking into a lot of different designs but you can expect to see basic styles at first. Things that you would wear everyday, long and straight, long and wavy, bob cuts, medium length cuts etc;
Also something that seemed to be an issue for a lot of people was that most if not all of my old styles came with straight bangs! Well in all of the new styles they will all have LONG BANGS! So you can customise them to however you want :3
Pictures will be up soon of the sample I will be receiving from the factory in a few weeks. Then from there I will be working hard getting orders in, working on Dreamy's logo, looking at packaging companies etc;
All to give you lovelies some good quality wiggies! 

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