28 Dec 2012

Another Wishlist Post ft. Qutieland

I seem to post far too many of these, but I know if I don't keep track of the things I like, I'll forget about them ><
These are items I'm hoping to buy in 2013.
Firstly, a little bit about Qutieland for those of you who don't know.
Qutieland is a shopping service for a select few taobao Lolita brands.
They currently stock OP's, JSK's, Skirts, Shoes and other accessories from Dear Celine, Rose Melody, Miranda Shoes, Infanta, R-Series, KidsYoYo, HMHM, Dream of Lolita, 69th Department, White Moon, Surface Spell, Classical Puppets, Last Country, Loris, Rococo Soul, KoKoro Shoes, Provence, Chess Story, Elpress L and Ichigo15. They will also be stocking Magic Tea Party soon which I'm excited about!
They're definitely the easiest service to use but you pay the price for this convenience, in my opinion it's pretty worth it the get a fully functioning shopping service in English.

There are a whole bunch of blouses and accessories I want too but I might change my mind on them so they weren't added.
I also think it's probably better to buy the pieces first then see what blouses I can match up with them ^-^

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  1. Qutieland is one of my favorite Lolita places to shop! There are so many cute pieces! I just placed a big order earlier :3
    I have purchased an Infanta coat from them once. And I am very happy with it! It's perfect for cool fall/near winter time. And it worked out so perfectly with my coord to my first Lolita Winter Ball earlier this month! And I'm totally in love with their newest stuff ♥ Can't wait to wear this stuff in the summer!