2 Feb 2013

Rabbitry Update: February 2013

I can't keep up with this blog. Not because I have no time, just because I pretty much have nothing to talk about.
I hope it changes soon or else I'm going to go insane, I make so many plans then when it comes to executing them, I think "Crap. I have no money to do this." and that's problem. I'M BROKE ALL THE FRICKEN TIME.

Well anyway, here's an update on Lotus' and Chilli's litter.
Chilli and her babies are doing fine, they're only a few weeks away from going to their new homes...well, one of them is going to their homes since the others haven't been reserved. I can see already I'm going to have a hard time selling the little REW doe but, whatever, anyone who doesn't want her is missing out majorly since she may be going through the paper bag stage now, but once she's an adult she'll look incredible.
Here is what they all look like now.
Blue Eyed White Buck: He's not got a great type at the moment obviously due to going through his uglies. But he's faultless in temperament. I'd be more happy to see him go to a pet home really.

Another Blue Eyed White Buck: This one I would be happy to see go to a breeding home. He's looking fantastic and if I didn't already have Beau then this would be the one I run on for future breeding.

Blue Eyed White doe: I have no idea why she isn't reserved yet, she looks amazing.

Red Agouti Extreme Vienna Split doe: Reserved by a good friend of mine :)

The Red Eyed White doe. She wouldn't pose at all and decided to make her ears fly away in this photo. She knew when I was about to shoot the picture I swear.
Then Lotus' litter. We started with 5 and ended up with 3, I'm gutted that we lost 2 and in such late days.
The first to go was the Blue Vienna Marked at 29 days then the Beige Vienna Marked at 31 days. The only thing I can put it down to is organ failure which is common in young rabbits and can affect them up to 8 weeks.
But it's all part of being a breeder, you have to expect to lose them in infancy then when they don't pass it's a major triumph.

Beige buck, reserved by Didi, a good friend who's also a repeat customer :)

Blue Otter, I've no idea what sex because he/she is hiding it pretty well!

Blue Point doe. Fffff, look how stunning she is! At first I thought "Holy crap I've stumbled upon the the first Dark Eyed White." nope, Frosty Point haha. I'm so happy with her and she'll definitely be staying I think.
I still need a name for her though.

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  1. Omgah I wish I could have all of these! I love lops when they still look like little helicopters! ♥ And I died at that last photo!