21 Feb 2013

Telford MCM Expo 2013

Well I got to go in the end and I'm not completely broke!

It was a lot better than I expected it to be, last year at Birmingham it was small and there weren't a lot of people. There was also "Lolita" pieces there that burned my eyes -.- This year though I think it's going to be like Telford so instantly better!

When we arrived the guards told us to go in a particular queue so we did, we ended up standing there like idiots for 10 mins before we were told we were in the wrong place and that we needed to go to the 2 hour long line.
Welp. I blew a fuse and told the security people what kind of incompetent morons send their guests to the wrong line. I paid for early entry and so help me god I was going to get it...and well, we did.
But really, that was the only off put for me, the rest was great!
There was a creepy girl wearing almost no clothes following boyfriend around ;-; I didn't know whether to punch a bitch and risk being kicked out or just let boyfriend work his bitchy face. Turned out the face had more of an impact I think.

I didn't get many pictures and I missed my photo opportunity with the most accurate Sasuke cosplayer ever ;-;