24 Jun 2013

I Want A Ferret Q~Q!

For the past few months I've missed having a ferret so much I've attempted to feed my want with watching videos and remembering how much they stank up my clothes.

But a few weeks ago my friend brought him ferret round and he just had literally next to no odour...this got me thinking how. wut. why.

I decided to actually Google how to reduce ferret odours.
Essentially everything I did when I had a ferret was wrong.

I chose the most stink absorbent bedding, bathed my ferrets more than once a month and I didn't get them neutered (granted they were a bit too young but by the time I came to rehoming them they were ready to be neutered).
I also read up about how many products there are on the market which are basically masking sprays. They don't irritate the ferrets skin but they reduce the odour a lot without affecting the natural oils.
This makes me happy! Now that I know a few extra things I've been trying to convince boyfriend that getting one is a good idea.
I would need to cut down on my rabbits, but this is something I've been meaning to do for a while or at least invest in some new hutches so I don't have to have so many communal groups.
I would want a ferret in my room, I just don't think they get enough attention when they're outside. Plus it would always remind me the air freshener is running out :3

Just put me in here. Please.

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