27 Jun 2013

Dying My Hair Blue #1: Product & 1st Application

I'm finally dying my hair blue! I remembered the whole reason for getting it as light as possible was to go blue so here it is.

I bought another Smart Beauty product because they're significantly cheaper and all of their products are sold in my local store.
I bought the Electric Blue for £2.99

Then I diluted it a fair amount with some cheap conditioner from my local superstore, which cost 80p

And this is the result!
I wasn't expecting it to come out so light but now I know how much to dilute it so I'll leave it about 2 days and try again.
The dye I've made now is much darker so hopefully I'll get more of a Sky Blue. This baby blue colour is quite nice though but I don't expect it to last more than 2 washes ;-;

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