13 May 2013

Rabbitry Update: May 2013

I'm going to be downsizing on my Mini Lops and completely cutting out my chocolate line until later this year and replacing them with Netherland Dwarfs as I've wanted to work with Netherland dwarfs in Chocolate, Fawn and Blue Eyed White for ages.
Alternatively, if they don't sell before my next pay day, I'm going to be investing in some hutches from Ryedale if I can contact them and have both my Chocolate Mini Lop lines and my Netherlands.

I bought a new buck! I wanted a male that didn't carry Blue Eyed White just because I want a couple of litters that definitely don't carry it so I can appeal to a wider audience.
Here's Captain JJ Wiggles. He's one of the most gorgeous Opals I've seen.

I also snapped some pictures of Gunter and Tinkerbelle.
Tinks is hopefully going to have her babies soon. She's absorbed about 3 times now so I'm really hoping this time she will actually give birth to them.
I've had her vet checked and they can't find anything wrong with her, maybe it was the cold weather!

Gunter has finally hit maturity so he will be mated to Daisy (Tinks mother) to -hopefully- produce some Blue Eyed Whites!
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of type he produces too.

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