16 May 2013

Burgers and Crumpets :3

I want to start blogging more often, even if it's just about random daily stuff :3

On Monday, some of mine and boyfriends friends came round and we went to the supermarket for food ^^
Well, I found a butt ton of cheap burgers and since we were all hungry we decided to have burgers and pizza for lunch.

It's nice to have friends round and have food at home. The only gathering places near us is Weatherspoons and the food is so bad in one of them and the customer service is crappy in the other, I would rather save my money and cook for myself than eat at either of those places again.

This is the contraption of the gods since it cooks mostly bacon in a couple of minutes without the risk of burning myself >:3
But for burgers it's good too.
It kinda looks like it isn't clean but it is, it's just we've used it so much there's permanent burn marks on it. That and one my housemates decided it was a good idea to store the fat tray (see the tray underneath?) IN THE GRILL. So the next person who used it didn't know it was in there and it melted =3='

So since we didn't have a tray we had to use a different one from another housemate's grill. Bleh.

I'm happy with myself that after I ate this I didn't feel really full :3 It may have taken me 4+ hours to eat but I did it in the end.

Oh, and here's the crumpets I make a weekly habit of buying.
They have to be a 12 pack and they have to deep filled >:D

Anyway, that's the end of my burgerscepade. Here's a picture of Miu just waking up.

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