13 Jul 2013

HD Reptiles Shop Opening Event: Day 1

I've been bugging everyone all week with my excitement about HD Reptiles' grand opening today :3 
I had to commute and it was the hottest day of the year ;-; But it was worth it!

HD Reptiles is now my local proper reptile specialist shop that provide a really good variety of substrates, equipment, generally everything you need and will ever need plus a lot of different livestock.

It was too hot ;-;
I wore no sun cream, forgot my parasol and then decided to wear jeans and a big, heavyweight black t-shirt. Go me.
Either way I was excited :3

We took the train and the carriage we got on smelled really bad. I was really scared to sit down anywhere "just in case" and I ended up putting my t shirt over my face. I'd rather smell myself than whatever the hell was on that train o_o
I still got pictures though ^^

He didn't want his picture taken. There was a moderate fight for my camera before this, then he just gave up >:3
I would never normally upload a picture like this of me but I really liked the colour of my hair ^^
It was only a 20 minute walk there so it wasn't too bad, but with no parasol and no sun cream it felt worse than it was.

It was so cold under here I didn't want to leave haha.

I really wanted to go and walk around in here and see the Church, but we didn't have time ><
Then we arrived...

It's been well over 8 years since I visited a proper reptile shop, and everyone who runs it is so nice ^^

The first thing I went to see was the tortoises in the back and there were cakes. So I was instantly sold.
There was an amazing Tortoise cake that someone in the community had made for the opening, some of the kids weren't convinced it was a cake ^^

Then some real tortoises!

A little Corn snake that was in the rescue section.

The Caiman, he didn't want to see anyone ^^

These lizards are clearly just saying "Paint me like one of your french girls."

Sleepy tortoise!

This one kept following me along his viv :3

There were so many things I wanted on these shelves ;-;
At the top is baby tarantulas, second shelf is baby corns, third shelf is baby chequered garters, 4th is display animals for the event, 5th is Kenyan Sand Boas and Common Boas and 6th is Royals :)

I love this snake so much! He's so cute :D

Day 2 will be up tomorrow!

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