15 Jul 2013

HD Reptiles Shop Opening Event: Day 2

I made it to day 2 with no issues, but I woke up super early so by the time I got to the station I was so tired, bleh.
It was the warmest day of the year, I think topping 29 Celsius. So I wore my only dress ^^ I never normally wear it because it's so scratchy.

I went again on day 2 because I wanted to meet a Tanuki (Racoon Dog) in real life. I've been contemplating getting one for a long time and boyfriend has been wanting a Silver Fox so this was our chance to meet both (the Fox was Red but it's the same species, Vulpes Vulpes).
Staffordshire Exotics were there and brought quite a few different animals, including (obivously) Jasmine the 9 week old Tanuki, Rafferty a Red Fox, a Giant Rabbit, Pygmy Hedgehogs, a super cute Himilayan top eared rat and a tiny mouse. They also brought a Barn Owl and couple of reptiles.

I got loads of pictures of Jasmine so I wont upload them all, just the best ones.
DISCLAIMER: This cage isn't the pup's permanent residence! She was held in here to stop her from being stepped on and just generally out of the way of customers as the store was completely packed.

Boyfriend and Jasmine
Then Rafferty, he was a bit worried as there were lots of people but they were only around for a few minutes.
DISCLAIMER: Again, cage isn't permanent residence, he's kept in a big house like a dog and only kept in this cage for his own safety.

I got to hold the cute snake from day 1! He got himself comfortable in a pretzel shape and then fell asleep. His little :3 face is so cute I just wanted to take him home.

Giant bunny! He is a Flemish crossed with a Continental with the biggest squishy bunny face ever.
It's much more fun to dig up the carrier.

It took him literally 20 minutes to come out of his carrier, mostly because he was just sleeping instead.
The single most adorable rat I've ever met. He just sat there and let me and boyfriend stroke him. All of the other rats I know just squirm or run away and aren't interested in humans.

Grumpy hoggies! They didn't want to be touched or woken up so they just sat there hissing until the hide went back on. I didn't touch them because I know how spikey they can get when they're pissed off.

The Caiman wanted his picture taken!

Once mostly everyone had gone, Jasmine was allowed out to play! Seeing her interact with the dog and how she was with her owners out of the cage really made up my mind on whether I wanted one for myself, well, I'm starting to save up!

I didn't get any pictures of the reptiles since my camera doesn't cope well with the lighting in the vivs. So I apologise for that.
But here's a picture of a baby Tanuki doing a derp :3

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