6 Jul 2013

Sakura White Range by Garnier

So, we all want youthful looking skin with a radiant glow. Well, at least I do!
Garnier's new range, Sakura White, is something I've been wanting to try since I knew of it's release but I wanted to do a little preview of it first!
Here is Garnier Singapore's official advert.

5 tested and proven claims are that this new range will give you noticeable radiance, fairness, even skin tone, softness and clearer skin.

There are 4 products in this range for a full treatment regime!
Starting with the Gentle Cleansing Foam.

It comes out like a gel for easy application and has a sweet sakura scent!
My guesses is this would be great for sensitive skin as it's gentle yet thorough.

The next step is the softening lotion, which is proven to soften skin and also add moisture. So great for dry skin!

This also comes in a gel-like texture so again, extremely easy to apply. Even if you don't have dry skin it's probably still a good idea to use this for that extra softness.

Next up is the day cream!

This is great for dry skin as it's heavier than the lotion, it also contains SPF21 which is great for protection from the sun! And, as everyone knows, less harmful UV rays the less your skin ages.

The last step which is more of an occasional step is the intensive whitening face masks!

These have been formulated especially for sensitive skin! They reduce dark spots and uneven tones, lightenyour skin to give a dewey, healthy glow.

This whole range is available to buy off the shelves in Singapore in most big chain supermarkets but at the moment I have only been able to find it on eBay and Amazon.
I don't know if it's coming to the UK, but I guess we'll see!

I will review all of these items once I've purchased them and they arrive!


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