3 Jul 2013

Going Outside, Like An Adult

Today I did some things that made come home, sit down and start thinking "I'm a great person."

I walked all the way (like a mile, I get tired and have to lay down if I run up the stairs too fast so this was a big deal for me) from a retail park on the other side of town and did some pretty "adult" things on the way.
If you know what I mean.

The first thing in my adult missions was stopping at the pet supplies place for a new water bottle, the baby bunnies are getting bigger and coming off milk so they're running out of water quicker.
Well, I came out with a butt ton of treats, a kitten bottle (just in case my next babies need supplementing again) and the water bottle I went in for.
I also saw an advert for ferrets...

I went to New Look, because it's small and I've never actually set foot in there. I see a security officer looking at me weirdly then she started talking on her walky talky...
Then a 12 year old walked past me on her iPhone carrying a bunch of shite and that's when I thought "Why am I here." I literally bailed out of there as quickly as possible.
Then I stopped off at Boots after nearly being hit by a massive 12 tonne truck. I thought "Okay, get in, buy things, get out." by this time I just wanted to get home.
I go in and instantly I walk into someone complaining AT the straightening and curling irons.
I find the stuff I'm looking for and decide to look around at some of the overpriced crappy oompa loompa make up. Saw nothing of interest. Go to pay. Get sucked in by 98p baby wipes. FUUU-
TRhe girl serving me was super nice to the person in front of me, so nice in fact she let her put the 500 million items she bought in her bag while staring at me seeing I was clearly in a hurry to get out of this godforsaken place.
Me: "Hi! ^-^"
Cashier: "Hi. -scans things- That's £2.48"
I thought, why are you putting that in a bag, it's two things and you can see I have a back pack. Surely you're suppose to offer me a bag ;-;
Me: "Bye! ^-^"
Cashier: "Hm."

So I was on the way to the bank! The happy place.
I love my bank, the people are wonderful and none of them know me or remember me. They gave me a hot chocolate the last time I was there and I was sold from that moment on. I've been considering opening another account just so I can have another hot chocolate...
It was my first time putting money into my account with that machine I only just found out the existence of that takes notes and puts it in your account.
I was putting in notes with the biggest smirk on my face.

Then I went to the supermarket because I'd run out of milk. Well, I came out with way more than I could carry and £20 less.
All I bought was spaghetti, pizza's, instant omelettes and noodles D: and milk...but I wanted juice ;-; it was too heavy.

I carried it back and laid on the kitchen floor for a while...I'M AN ADULT.

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