27 Jul 2013

REVIEW: Lisbeth Dahl 4 Flounce Parasol/Umbrella in Cream

In the UK, you should probably prepare yourself for a bit of abuse for carrying around an umbrella or parasol if it's not raining. Heaven forfend you don't want to burn or boil in the sun or get a tan.
Getting a parasol in England is relatively simple, if you don't want to use eBay or Amazon then visit your local bridal shop as Lisabeth Dahl is usually in stock there.
Lisbeth Dahl is a Danish designer of home goods and other accessories. The brand mostly stocks bridal shops in the UK, or at least that's only where I've seen them.

  • Large enough to cover a good amount of your body from rain or sun.
  • The colour is extremely versatile with any co-ord and also reflects the sun much better than a darker colour keeping you cooler.
  • Automatic opening with a sturdy metal frame. Decent in windy environments.

  • While blocking out the sun reasonably well I feel it would be better if the material was a bit thicker.
  • Questionable craftsmanship, dark almost burnt area was uncovered once the ribbon had detached. It's nothing glue can't fix but this is something to look for.
While bigger than the normal parasol (probably because it's an umbrella...) it still only fits one person under it. 
The size itself is very useful and this looks far nicer than the average umbrella you see, if you even see one at all in the summer.

It's a decently made umbrella and cheap for what it really is. The only issues I had was the burn marks on the protective plastic on the handle. Being a relatively cheap item and having a minor issue that's easily fixed, I'm happy with what I got and I'm enjoying not looking like a lobster!

The fine details are what kind of makes it for me, like the LD logo on the clasp.

And the cute label it came with.

Overall I'm giving this a solid
Because I thoroughly enjoy using it and it's more than served it's purpose while looking amazing.
Roll on rainy season!

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