12 Oct 2012

Sheer Lack Of Anything Explination

In all honesty, I've just had absolutely nothing to talk about.
I've been sitting in the same corner of my room, only really moving to take a shower and feed my animals. I haven't eaten properly for a good few days now in the hopes I'll save some money, which I guess is a good thing considering not moving much means I wont lose weight.

I will be having two new arrivals in my Netherland Dwarf line from Derby Nethie Haven which I swear is a rabbitry sent from god to taunt me about how little money I have. I want ALL OF THEM.
The two newbies will be integrated with Tinkerbelle for the time being until new hutches have been sorted for them.

The two I've reserved are (I think) the two on the right. They're a buck and a doe and will hopefully throw off some splits when they're older. For now though, they'll just be snuggled all the time because they're so darn adorable!
Photo rights go to Derby Nethie Haven on Facebook.
I will be doing a review on this stud too, just because i want to start reviewing the different quality from stud to stud.
So simple but I really love it. I think it's the only work I've done that I'm 100% happy about it.
This is the cover for the Facebook page. Again, super happy with it ^-^

I also did my first informational post on the site itself on rabbit breeding. Not so much an encouragement post, more an "Oh crap my rabbit is pregnant, what do?" kind of post.
I really hate how condescending and bitchy some breeders can be to newbies. At the end of they day, we NEED young people and newbies because eventually we'll either die out or give up and we need people to take the reins.

I will be doing another post on how to start up in breeding fancy rabbits. It's just a difficult thing to put all in one post ;-;
I'll Be Attending Play Expo Tomorrow!
 I wont be cosplaying but I'll be in my usual generic Lolita and probably mostly hovering around the games sections with boyfriend.
Next year I'm determined to go in a gaming related cosplay! 

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