29 Aug 2012

Ultimate Taobao List of Doom!

I've discovered the wonderful world of Taobao.
However, I also learned very swiftly that, without paying a ton in commission fee's, I couldn't order anything unless I had a Chinese bank account and I were able to read Chinese ;A;
So I et on a voyage a few weeks later I've now partnered up with a friend and I run a small shopping service which will be put on Dreamy Store's site as soon as possible :3

On to the list!
I'll be sorting the list into categories to make it easier, but it may not be alphabetically as this list is just taken from years of scouring Taobao in the hopes of finding the Lolita treasures I desire :3
PS. If there's any shops I've missed out please contact me and I'll add them to the list.
Blouses ~ Skirts ~ OP's ~ JSK's ~ Coats etc;
 Angel Fields
Mostly classic, a couple of maid uniforms and a few things that could work with Sweet.
Replicas and a few day-to-day things + lots and lots of shoes!
An absolute favourite of mine. They have a few casual pieces as well as things to fit with Sweet and Classic
Chess Story
Sweet and Classic pieces + a good selection of accessories.
Classical Puppets
Amazing petticoats! They also have some cute prints that are perfect for Sweet, Bittersweet and possibly Classic.
Dear Celine
Classic and some Casual. Excellent quality.
Dream Garden
Brilliant for coats and has some items the work perfectly for Sailor, Hime and Casual.
Dream of Lolita
Notorious for it's AP/AatP replicas, actually very nice quality. They also have some of their own prints/styles aside from their replicas.
Mostly Classic, some of their pieces could easily be incorporated into Sweet and Shiro.
Mostly Classic and some Sweet pieces. Brilliant quality and quite popular as far as Classic goes.
Popular for Classic only, very good quality and again, quite popular for Classic/Casual styles.
Very nice quality and reasonably popular, this brand is good for almost every style! Stocks mostly Sweet, Classic and Casual.
Lolita Princess
A huge mix of Sweet, Casual, Classic and generally everything! There's so cute pieces that would be perfect for Shiro and Kuro too.
Rose Melody
Sweet, Classic and Gothic, also another personal favourite. Amazing quality and well worth checking out.
Princess Faith
Sweet, Classic and Casual. Also some other various pieces that could work with Sailor.
White Moon
Sweet, Casual and maybe some things that could work with Classic. I can personally vouch for this shop as I've bought both directly and second hand and everything has been perfect! They're also very plus size friendly as the dresses that come with shirring stretch a lot.
Strawberry Witch
Pieces to work with everything! Shiro, Kuro, Gothic, Sweet, Classic etc; 
Surface Spell
Lots of things to work with Classic and the less Sweeter styles. 
Bows ~ Head Dresses ~ Wrist Cuffs etc; 
Candy Candy
Lots of bows, bracelets, necklaces and everything Sweet! 
Dark Whisper
Mostly stuff to work with Classic and Gothic.
HaoHao Bing
Just hair accessories, everything from small bows/flowers to head eating bows and cute straw hats.
AMAZING hair accessories. Literally something to work with every style.
Lolita Umbrella Shop
Parasol's! Everything to suit any style from Sweet and Shiro to Classic and Gothic.
Another hair accessories place, but still super cute straw hats, lace/ribbon head dresses and bows. There are some other things like chokers too.  
Cute bags, again very versatile for al styles. They also have replicas of some popular AP styles.
Magic Garden
Hair accessories and lots of frills. More suited to lighter, pastel and floral styles. 
Outside Castle
Lots of hair accessories and a couple of charm bracelets.
Red Maria
Hair accessories and some parasol's.
Rococo Soul
Beautiful hair accessories, necklaces and bracelets. Highly recommended.
Smokey Jewellery
Most Gothic accessories and a few things that could work with Wa and Kuro.
Sweet Heart
Bows, iPhone deco cases, hair bands/scrunchies and lots of other hair accessories.  
Boa Nails
Hime/Deco nails for both hands and feet.
Pinky Barbie
Deco nails and a couple of deco iPone cases.
Cute Nails
Deco nails and lots of iPhone cases!
Die Die
Deco nails, iPhone cases and a few accessories (wrist cuffs and hair bows).
Girl Self
Every kind of nail from Hime to casual to deco including toenails.
Gui Gui Nail
Casual/Hime nails, necklaces, bracelets and ear rings.
OTT Deco/Hime nails.
Suppliers to create your own nails. A huge variety of stamps/stick on patterns, crystals, nail polish/paint, nail glue etc; Pretty much everything you can ever need for creating your own nails!
Lisa Nail
Lots of different styles and colours from OTT to casual. Also sells nail glue, files/shapers, iPhone cases and full toe sets.
Casual to OTT nails, only hand sets.
Mika Nail
Many, many styles including point and square tip. Also sells a small amount of supplies.
Toe nails galore! Also a vast selection of finger nails.
Mogin & Nail
Various styles including Channel and Dior inspired sets. A great range of paints/polishes too!
A ton of deco iPhone cases and some casual but super cute nails.
Hime/Deco nails, also sellers of nail glue.
Mostly Gyaru and wedding nails but some Loliable finds in there.
Tights ~ Leggings ~ Underwear ~ PJ's
Loads of tights, leggings, frilly socks, garters and some jeggings. Some are good for day to day use but others (mainly the frilly socks) fit perfectly with Lolita.
Tattoo and patterned tights/stockings including deigns from WC and Disney.
My Shirley
Patterned and plain tights and stockings.
Soul Shop
Lots of patterned tights, some loliable finds depending greatly on what style you're into.
Tattoo tights! Lots of lovely themed tattoo tights.
Various tattoo tights and some cute simple and patterned tights too.
Amazing bra's and panties! This place has stunning frilly things, beautiful PJ's and boyfriend tees.
Lots of bra's and panties, nightdresses and generally room wear with lots of frills! They even do cute couples PJ's.
Princess Baluoer
Super frilly bra's and garter belts + suspenders! They also have some cute matching hair accessories too.
So that's all for Lolita/Lolita-esque items.
As I say if I've missed any out do feel free to comment, contact me on Facebook or email me!
Some people may wonder why I've missed out shoes. Well, I only trust and buy from An*Tai*Na.
Secret Shop has a really cruddy shop layout and I've not successfully found another Taobao brand that does good Lolita shoes.
If, however I find more than 4 different shops I'll post them up :)

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