19 Oct 2012

Play Expo 2012!

As I said in my last post, I attended Play Expo a few days ago as press for VGU.
I've never attended a gaming convention so this was completely new to me ^-^
The crowd is completely different to the people at anime conventions, there are actually less creepers and everyone is very sociable and interested in what you do.
I went with boyfriend and we had so many different conversations with people at the different stands and it made me realise that everyone has a story to tell ^-^

PlayExpo comprises of 4 different sections.

For retro gaming. Think Pacman and Sega Megadrive!

For modern gaming and new releases. Like WiiU, Metalgear etc;
 Ni no Kuni
 Need For Speed Most Wanted @ EA
  Persona 4
 Persona 4
 Persona 4

 People at the WiiU stands ^-^ 
 Me playing Kd Icarus on the 3DS XL ^-^
 Halo 4

You can guess on this one hehe, for Cosplay and Anime.

For the hardcore gaming tournaments!
I don't think I got any pictures of this and if I did then they will be under the now.play bit.

The whole place what a great convention and the people were amazing.
I think next year will be even better especially if they expand on their cosplay front. I didn't see very much variety and the people all seemed very disinterested.
There was only 2 stalls, one selling Ramune, Pocky and the general candies and one selling some slightly ita "Lolita" pieces but they also had Cat ears/paws/tails and other nice stuff. So minus the loli pieces and they were a nice stall!
I enjoyed Play Expo most of all because there were little to no girls prancing around wearing nothing and using the excuse of "It's a convention!" which is what you usually get at MCM.

All in all I had a good day ^-^ I also went to the Trafford Centre half-way through which was nice.

More Pictures!
 These extenders are pretty amazing! They're designed for FPS games for better aim. 

 This place does mini PC's. After going in there, I know what my next PC will be :3

These controllers have tabs on the back so you can macro different things to them ^-^

 Love the look of this character from Persona 4

 Me playing Kid Icarus again ^-^"

 Mario Bros. playing...well, Mario Bros!