10 Nov 2012

Winter Recommendations

Staying warm in Winter is a woe that many Lolitas face every year, and every year brands have actually been getting better and better at noticing this.
This post will be a recommendations post, including images and links from my latest scours of the interwebs.
I personally suffer with drastic temperature changes. In the Spring I'm almost constantly plagued with colds because of the rain. In the Summer I have to keep my skin and head fully covered either in hats/wigs or parasols and in the Autumn and Winter I rarely leave the house.

Why don't I leave the house? Well, usually I'm too poor to afford a nice, hooded, waterproof coat and I've been that poor for about 2 years and before that I was kitted out with horse gear which is Winterproof by default.

These are the best coats/capes I've found so far. I base this on my own taste and a quick search through the brands listed will bring up other items, these are just my favourites.

BTSSB Hooded Bunny Cape
19,740yen OR £157 (incl. tax)
I love this cape for obvious reasons -bunny- and it also comes in colour ways that work with just about every sub-style.

BTSSB Fairy Fur Jacket
19,740yen OR £157 (incl. tax)
So fluffly! This is the kind of coat I would love to own, while it's not waterproof it's perfect for those fresh mornings!

Angelic Pretty Napolean Short Coat
$397 OR £250
I love the fact that everything on this coat is removable, not that I would remove the fur...or anything. But it makes for a nice diverse coat!

Angelic Pretty Lovely Short Coat
$383 OR £241
This coat looks so snuggley and like the other coat the fur is removable.

Fanplusfriend Cutie FRUiTS Sweet Miss Bunny Coat + Cape
$204.99 OR £129
I love this because bunnies and the amount of colours it comes in. Going by the pictures I think you also have the option to have a cat one too!

Fanplusfriend Double Breasted Sweet Lolita Coat
$180 OR £68
Yay for detachable fur!

None of the above fur is real. I wont and will never endorse real animal fur.
The only products I have and will endorse that is made from animals is in the Equestrian sphere in the form of Sheepskin, Leather and Wool.