11 Nov 2012

Rabbitry Update: November 2012 + New Babies!

It's time for baby bunnies!
Snuggles' babies finally opened their eyes and are now coming out of the nest for exploration times. So I used this to my advantage and stole them one at a time for 5 minutes to take some pictures!

NOTE: There is also another kitten (a Chocolate Agouti Vienna Marked) but I didn't have time to get pictures. I'll snap some tomorrow or whenever the lighting is good in my room ^-^
 Black Self Vienna Mark

Black Otter (The Chubby One)
Dubbed "Chubs" or "Fatty" because he/she looks like Galaxy, who reminds me somewhat of Cartman...
Fatty and Boyfriend :3

Black Otter (The Normal One)
So many sleeps, so little time.

Chocolate Agouti
Bunny loves boyfriend. Boyfriend loves bunny. Win win.

"My Kingdom needs me!"
 I'm very in two minds about who to keep from this litter, but I guess I'll know what the best type is when they're a couple of weeks older.
At 4 weeks they say that's what the bunny will look like at 6-7 months when it is an adult.
So we will see!


  1. Aw these are absolutely adorable! You can definitely never have too many pictures of baby bunnies :)

  2. Awwww such cuties! And that's awesome that your boyfriend and the babies get along X3 And the babies are just so freaking adorable! ♥ I remember when my girls were little like that :)